Gazebo Catering

Gazebo Catering meets all your catering needs from corporate deliveries, family gatherings, luncheons, weddings, and festive celebrations. Complete with impeccable and stunning place settings and floral arrangements; and refined and assiduous service by liveried staff, we offer cutting edge design for every event.

We bring you a one of a kind experience with sophisticated service and exquisite cuisine. Our specialized catering team is equipped to handle anything from a small crowd of 30 to a large-scale event of 5000 attendees. With a personalized menu and live cooking stations for Kababs, Chaat, Bread and Tawa preparations, we make your event unforgettable. We make sure that everything comes together flawlessly, on time and within budget to the entire satisfaction of our esteemed clients.


Gazebo catering service

Special Occasions

No one understands the sheer weight and once-in-a-lifetime excitement of planning your special occasions quite like Gazebo. Whether you choose to have it at an exclusive venue or at home, our team of specialists will create a unique menu that reflects your taste and style. We embrace the privilege of helping you plan every important event that you wish to celebrate.

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Corporate Events

Providing lunch for employees fosters a whole range of benefits for a business, including higher productivity. Plain and simple, fed employees are happy employees. At Gazebo Catering, we offer a wide range of menu options to feed your personnel. Whether it’s a small office lunch or a large corporate event with a plated meal for 5000 guests, we’re prepared to meet any of your organization’s food and service needs. Contact us today to personalize a menu for your company’s next event.

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Private Parties

In your own home or at a local venue, Gazebo’s catering team will create delicious food using the finest ingredients, freshly sourced, prepared and cooked by our highly qualified chefs and served by our experienced and efficient staff.

From a small family gathering to a gastronomic lunch for 5000 – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the event safe in the knowledge that the Gazebo team is firmly in control of the rest.

Gazebo Catering Special Occasions
Gazebeo Catering Corporate Events
Gazebo Catering Private Parties


Gazebo Catering Service

The Cuisine

Gazebo Catering has perfected the Dum Pukht style of cooking, where food is cooked on low flame, sealing in the natural flavors. The fragrant aroma, effervescent flavors and presence of exotic ingredients like saffron and cardamom call for an encore of culinary masterpieces that are a true appreciation of the finer things in life.

Gazebo Catering Service

The Expertise

We take unabashed pride in the presence of our culinary experts, who are descendants of the chefs who presided over the Mughal kitchens, enabling them to do justice to, and retain the authenticity of the amazing dishes they recreate, using 200 year-old recipes.

Gazebo Catering Service

The Certifications

High food quality and hygiene standards take center stage at Gazebo Catering. With HACCP and ISO 9001 certifications, you can luxuriate in our cuisine without a worry.

Gazebo Catering Service

The Awards

Over the years, our commitment to fine food and excellent service, has gained raving reviews from prominent food critics, along with several accolades to our name. Two Black Hats by What’s On, ‘Best Asian Restaurant’ by Masala, and the prestigious Khaleej Times Award, to name a few.